What Are the Benefits of Transit?

Changing demographics and transportation preferences coupled with a need to address significant growth in the Fort Worth region require a renewed look at how transit service can serve the region’s residents, employees, and visitors. The benefits of The T Master Plan extend beyond improving transit service. Transit supports a multitude of community goals.

Transit supports our growing population and economy

By 2035, Tarrant County is projected to increase by 1 million residents.
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Transit reduces congestion

Congestion in the Fort Worth region is projected to increase significantly over the next decades.
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Transit provides an affordable transportation option

Residents in the Fort Worth region spend over 25% of household income on transportation.
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Transit supports changing transportation preferences

The Millennial generation (approximately those born between 1977 and 2003) and future generations expect new and diverse shared mobility options.
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The Millennials are traveling differently
From 2001 – 2009 those aged 16 to 34 took:

SOURCE: Federal Highway Administration, “National Household Driving Trends,” 2001-2009

Transit accommodates an aging population of Baby Boomers

Texas ranks in the top third for senior growth rates in the U.S.
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SOURCE: 2014 Population Projections by Age Group (Table 2) by County.

Transit keeps us healthy

Obesity is a rising epidemic nationally and in the Fort Worth region. [AnythingPopup id=”7″]

SOURCE: Besser, Lilah, and Andrew Dannenberg. “Walking to Public Transit: Steps to Help Meet Physical Activity Requirements.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 29:4 (2005): 273-80.