The T Master Plan Recommendations Report is the culmination of the year-long effort to determine the actions that The T must take to develop a great transit system that truly meets the needs of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. This report presents several recommendations for how The T should improve transit in Tarrant County, and how it can achieve a long-term Transit Vision where Tarrant County is served by a robust network of transit services.

The plan is ambitious, as The T needs to be to make up for nearly 40 years of little growth, as well as meet new needs as the region continues to attract people and jobs. This will require a much greater commitment to transit throughout Tarrant County, and improvements will take many years to implement. The T Master Plan provides a blueprint for what is possible in the region, and will serve as a tool to build support for excellent transit in Tarrant County.

Read the full report: T Master Plan Recommendations Report (9 MB)
View the presentation: Recommendations Presentation (4 MB)
Download the Transit Vision: Transit Vision (Map and List of Major Services) (1 MB)